We help married couples build successful businesses and thriving marriages

“I believe that working with your spouse is what we were designed to do. Two people that are co-creators for a common purpose. Understand that it will be the hardest thing you will ever do, but in the process you learn how to really love each other. You will grow to a much higher form of relationship.”

-Brad Casebier

Working with Brad and Sarah changed our lives. Our business had created so much tension that we were going to lose our relationship and the business. It is possible to run a successful business together and stay in love! The tools we learned have improved all of our relationships. We have a better grip on who we really are and how we can trust each other’s strengths.

Scott and Angie

Doing what you love with the person
you love sounds great, right?

Running a business with your spouse sounds ideal. You work every day with your soulmate, watching them work in an area of strength and adding tremendous value to the company. Since you’re partners at home, being partners at work seems like a natural extension of your relationship.

But that’s not always the case.

Instead of winning awards, making more money, and living an ideal life, you search for marriage counselors, or worse, divorce and bankruptcy lawyers. Your business should bring you more money, freedom, and personal fulfillment, but it can quickly become the greatest source of pain in your lives.

It doesn’t have to be that way

We are Brad & Sarah Casebier. In the last decade we’ve worked together to build one of the most successful businesses in Austin. Through trial and error we have discovered the tools to build a successful business while enjoying a fulfilling relationship with each other. Now we have the freedom and financial future we want for our family, and we know you can too.

We believe that couples are designed to be co-creators with a unified purpose. It requires your relationship to be operating at the highest levels to balance success in business, passion, and friendship.

What you will learn about

Accelerate your communication

Take the pain out of talking about business, and become effective partners in business and life.

Build a strong company

Use your unique strengths as a couple to deliver massive value to the business.

Strengthen your relationship

Create a life of passion.


How we help you

Live Events

Learn the practical secrets
you need at your own pace

Virtual Group

Spend time with us and other couples like you to learn how to win

What you’ll learn

There’s a lot of business and marriage advice out there, but very little for doing both things well at once. When we first started working together, well-meaning people gave us a lot of advice. Most of it was bad. We tried a lot of things. Some worked, some didn’t. Work with us and learn from our experience so you can succeed quicker.

Building Blocks
for Success

Stage One:

Vision Alignment

Nothing is more powerful than a shared vision. When you and your spouse agree on where you’re going, you become unstoppable. Sharing a vision gives you greater clarity to overcome the obstacles that impede your success.

Stage Two:

Strengths and
Role Clarity

Aligning your vision is just the first step. Fulfilling that vision means each person needs the freedom to live in their strengths and work in their best roles. When you are both operating in the correct roles, the business advances with the greatest efficiency and the least friction with each other.

Stage Three:

Work-Life Integration

With vision, strengths, and roles now determined, it’s time to make it all come together. We equip you with a decision-making process that helps you create the work-life integration that’s right for you.